Maine Startups Insider and Venture Hall have reached a partnership agreement that will leverage the capabilities of each to better support Maine’s startup community.

Every thriving startup community benefits from two things: a vehicle to share its stories, discuss its successes (and failures), and generally communicate its existence to the outside world; and a community hub that provides space for entrepreneurs and innovative companies to congregate, collaborate, learn, and grow. Maine Startups Insider and Venture Hall have both stepped up to fill those respective roles and, given the similarities of their missions, it makes sense for the two groups to formalize a collaboration.

“It’s easy for startups to operate in isolation, as if they are separate and distinct from their communities, but that limits their potential impact,” said Mike Sobol, co-founder and CEO of Venture Hall. “Our partnership with MSI will help Venture Hall, and the startups we work with, to reach and engage many more people than we could alone.”

As a result of the collaboration, Venture Hall and Maine Startups Insider will support each other in various ways going forward. In addition, Whit Richardson, founder of Maine Startups Insider, will join Venture Hall’s board of advisors and will assist in communications and marketing initiatives.

MSI is still an independent entity and retains its editorial integrity as it continues to cover the news of importance to Maine’s startup community.